Review MMOXX

Do they deliver? Yes, it took about 30 minutes to get our coins.
Price: MMOXX has fair prices, but there are lower prices available.
Ways to buy FIFA Ultimate Team coins:
Points Account, Player Auction, Comfort Trade.
Payment methods: Paypal and CreditCard.
Costumer service: Yes, they have live chat which is available 24/7, you can also send them an email.
Security: Yes, client confidentiality it very important to them. They have strict rules regarding to disclosing or selling client information.
Console types: FIFA 17 and FIFA 16 coins for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.
Currency: USD, GBP and EUR.
Language: English.
Social media: Yes,
Time: Points Account delivery time: unknown, Player Auction delivery time: 10-45 minutes, Comfort Trade delivery time: 1-60 minutes.
Refund: Yes, if they can’t deliver your coins within 24 hours you can send them an email and request a full refund.

Our Advice: MMOXX has fair prices, but there are some complaints of costumers not receiving their coins. If you are looking for cheap, fast and reliable coin sellers we suggest you to check out our Top 5.

Review Conclusion:

Delivery: 8.5
Price: 8.0
Payment: 6.5
Safe: 8.0
Service: 7.0


How to buy FIFA Coins?

  1. First you go to MMOXX.
  2. Then choose between Points Account, Player Auction, Comfort Trade.
  3. After that you can set the price in your currency.
  4. Choose how much coins you want to buy.
  5. Now fill in your billing information and choose you payment option.
  6. If everything is filled in you can click on checkout.