Review GOFIFACoins

Do they deliver? Yes, it took about 90 minutes to get our coins.
Price: GOFIFACoins has cheap fifa coins, but they are not the cheapest.
Ways to buy FIFA Ultimate Team coins:
Player Auction, Comfort Trade, Points Account.
Payment methods: Moneybookers, Paypal, Western Union, Mastercard and VISA.
Costumer service: Yes, you can contact them by email or skype. They have also online support available on their site, but it took a long time before they gave me an answer.
Security: Unfortunately, we could not find anything on the website about security.
Console types: FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 coins for PS4/PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, Android and PC. FIFA 15 coins for iOS and Android.
Currency: USD, EUR and GBP.
Language: English.
Social media: Yes, they have twitter.
Time: Player Auction delivery time: 0-60 minutes, Comfort Trade delivery time: unknown, Points Account delivery time: unknown.
Refund: Yes, they refund if the order is not delivered.

Our Advice: GOFIFACoins is cheap, but not the cheapest. Also it takes a long time before they answer a simple question. If you are looking for cheap, fast and reliable coin sellers we recommend you to check out our Top 5.

Review Conclusion:

Delivery: 7.5
Price: 8.0
Payment: 7.5
Safe: 8.0
Service: 6.0



How to buy FIFA Coins?

  1. First you go to GOFIFACoins.
  2. Then choose between FIFA 16 Coins, FIFA 16 Comfort Trade or FIFA 16 Points Account.
  3. After that you choose your console.
  4. Now set the price in your currency.
  5. Then pick how much coins you want to buy and click on buy now.
  6. Now fill in all of the requested information and click on buy now button.