Lionel Messi By Far the Best Forward in FIFA 2015

Lionel simulates real life plays, as an unstoppable force and ranks in at 93 overall. Lionel is fast on his feet, both in speed and acceleration, giving him a 93 in PAC. Running and dribbling past other players is unbelievable. His fast pace is purely the works of the gods and why he is by far the best forward in FIFA 2015.

Lionel Messi Has Skills

The fast pace actions of Lionel allows him to make quick decisions and find alternative routes when surrounded. He will win more penalties from clipped feet than any player I know. Playing inside the box or one-on-one are his specialties. Dribbling past other players or changing directions is pure child’s play. These attributes give Lionel a DRI of 96.

FUT Draft

Although your money is on Lionel’s dribbling, his passing and shooting are pretty good too! He ranks in the top 5% with a score of 89 SHO and 86 PAS. Lionel has perfect finesse shots, especially when you are cutting in at the corner. His perfect passes will have the goalie knocking his head trying to figure out what just happened.

Defense and physical are Lionel’s weakest areas. Much of this is due to his weak leg. But in all reality it doesn’t matter because he can just sprint away from the defender. If he does get tackled, he usually recovers the ball quickly. You will be blown away with this forwards speed and dribbling. Just give Lionel the ball and let him dribble and score you win after win after win.

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