FIFA 16 The New FUT Draft Experience

Since 2009, players have used the trading card option to help improve their game while
designing their FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). This year players will again have this option, but with some upgraded changes. FUT will be designed around team building skills. Players will choose their card in draft mode and also have the opportunity to choose some pre-defined options.

You have two choices at this point. Will you build your squad (five randomized players) around the rating of your card player? Or, will you build your squad around the five
randomized player’s chemistry?

FUT Draft

FIFA 16 FUT Rewards

The more you play in FUT draft mode, the more rewards you can earn, but games are costly to enter. It costs 300 FIFA points or 15,000 coins to enter the FUT Draft. You can also find tokens in the FIFA 16 packs. These tokens are used to redeem for coins, points, and other rewards. At least there is one good catch, if you lose your first game you will receive a prize that is equivalent to the 15,000 coins you put in.

The more you play and win the better the prizes. The object is to get four wins in a row for the most opportunities in prizes. Some prizes will have coins, tokens, and special packs. If you can make it past one win you will make up for the 15,000 with the prizes you are awarded.

The more you play the most confident you will become in building a squad. With a little luck, determination, and player compatibility skills, you will draft the FUT of your dreams.

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