Fastest Players FIFA 15

Mathis Bolly

When it comes to fast players there are a few names that come to mind, but only one that is mentioned over and over, Mathis Bolly. A player with speed and control, he can bring you victory after victory. Mathis 97 PAC is why he is one of the fastest players on FIFA 2015.

This 6’1” german machine can run circles around many of the other players. His power shots are pretty good and he can dribble well at a slower pace. Overall if you are looking for a fast machine Mathis is your guy.

fastest players fifa 15

Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott from England is another under-shadowed player. His overall rank of 81 has Mathis beat, but his PAC is down a point to 96. What makes Theo stand out? Theo can pass, shoot, and dribble with the best of accuracy and speed. This 6’4” defender can jump off the charts and wins almost every header. With his well-rounded abilities, he is irreplaceable to any squad.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Saving the best for last is Cristiano Ronaldo from Spain. Cristiano stats are 98 Pace, 99 Dribbling, 99 Shooting, 42 Defending, 90 Passing, 89 Physical. Oh yes, he is that good. With Cristiano’s speed, you are guaranteed to see some amazing plays and goals. His shooting is pinpoint accurate, and with great acceleration and ability to sprint down the field in accurate speed, you will quickly realize why.

Don’t let your team get blown away. If you are looking for a victory these are your top fastest players of 2015 FIFA. Who will you choose?

fastest players fifa 15

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