Looking For FIFA 2015 Best Goalkeeper, Look No Further

FIFA 2015 goalkeepers were a disappointment. Manuel Neuer who was FIFA 2014 best goalkeeper couldn’t keep a ball out if his life depended on it. And with a 90 rating you have to ask yourself “what happened”. The search for the best goalkeeper of 2015 landed me on Diego Lopez.

Diego Lopez FIFA 2015

With an overall ranking of 83, you wouldn’t think this Spain goalkeeper Diego Lopez would make the Best Goalkeeper of FIFA 2015, but he has. Diego’s DIV is ranked 80. He can make saves that other would think are impossible. Diego covers those corner shots with his 6’5”, but sometimes misses the well-planted shots.

best goalkeeper

His tallness helped in his POS of 82. This guy is all over the net. Diego has a handle on long shots, one on ones, and even close shots. Another surprise was Diego’s REF at 80. He has quick reactions to headers and volleys. His quick reflexes along with his surprising dives, allow this player to make double saves.

Diego doesn’t have great speed, but who needs it with those long arms. He just has to reach out and extend his arms to cover those corners. Kicking is a 50/50 shot. Sometimes the kick finds the target and sometimes it doesn’t. You can use Diego’s quick reflexes to pass the ball instead of kicking to compensate.

Handling is 86 but should be much higher. Diego’s ability to catch the ball almost every single time makes you think he has some super magnetic power. Catching power shots from high performing players is no picnic in the park. But Diego seems to do it effortlessly. His ability to catch the ball has placed him on FIFA 2015 Best goalkeeper list.

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